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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is so “Islamic” about “travelling” or “Islamic Travels”?
Actions are based on intentions..(Bukhari and Muslim). Our goal is seek the pleasure of Allah swt. This sets out our intentions and thus our actions to raise one’s spirituality. “Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before (you): Most of them worshipped others besides God.” (Quran 30:42) We hope through our packages, we raise the spiritual awareness of the person, broaden ones horizons and learn from past within an environment where they do not have to compromise their faith and values i.e. no alcohol, lewd behaviour, prayer arrangements, wholesome and ethical food i.e. “halal” and more. Inshallah we hope to follow in the footsteps of great Muslim travellers such as “Mansa Musa”, Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, Al-Muqaddasi and the untold thousands.
Q. Why Islamic Travels ? Are you not segregating yourself ?
We believe in freedom and choice. Our target audience are Muslims whom we feel through our experience in organising many courses and events lack knowledge of their own Islamic History and heritage. More non-Muslims visit Muslim heritage sites than Muslims eg Spain, India, Central Asia and many other places. Inshallah, we have planned other ancient civilisations but with any of our packages the aim and ethos is about spiritual awakening as described in the Quran. No one is obliged to come if they do not want to and neither is it segregating oneself from others.
Unlike others, a unique feature of our service is meeting of locals includings Muslims and non Muslims.
Q. Why packaged holidays and groups, can I book just the hotel and airline through you only and do everything myself?
We only provide packaged holidays hence if you wish just hotel and airline, we advise you to seek your search else. From our research and experience, despite online search facilities unless you are an avid traveller researching most of the sites and heritage, most do not have time looking and those who spend more time looking for the cheapest options often see very little of the place they visited let alone learnt anything of the place. Our packages are run and tailored made by local Muslims of the place. Their local expertise adds value where “Google” or “Wikipedia” or even “Lonely Planet Guides” are limited. There are many spritual and economic advantages of travelling in groups such as
- Many Prophetic (saw) narrations such importance of
an “Amir”, salaah in Jammah and so on.
– Safety
– Make new friends
– Economies of scale
Q. Can you tell me the name of your hotels, airlines and all your contacts?
Most information is on the website however detailed information is only disclosed to those who have paid and completed their booking.
Q. Why visit local Muslim families ?
History and culture is learnt from the people, not just through buildings. Visiting them, connects and creates a real sense of brotherhood, make new friends and more.
Q. Are your dates fixed ?
Q. Can you make me a tailor made package for my group?
Yes, it will depend on numbers and iteniary.
Q. Women travels are they permitted and will there be segregation?
The package is organised and managed by “Practicing Muslims” and thus we expect Muslims to observe Islamic etiquettes and behaviour throughout the whole trip. Groups will be mixed. Individuals who are found to misbehave, uncooperative, nuisance, rude, loud-mouthed or disrespectful towards fellow travellers or organisers will be sent back immediately, with no refund.
Sisters are permitted to travel and the Tour Lead will act as the Amir and if the numbers of sisters are such, then we will assign a Sister from our organisation to lead the Tour. Sisters who are travelling are advised to request permission from their Mahrams and if possible travel with them. If not, as explained, the group Tour lead will act as the Amir and one can travel under his / her guardianship. So Sisters can come alone, if they wish to do so.
Q: What will the weather be like and what do I wear?
Depends on which package and which year but in general please dress modestly.
Q: How many in the group?
Depends on the destination and package. People will travelling together from different countries eg. USA, Canada, UK and so on.
Q: Do you provide travel insurance?
Clients are advised to obtain their own insurance for health and/or baggage loss while travelling. Insurance is also recommended to provide coverage to clients if refunds pursuant to the final payment and cancellation clause below are unavailable due to the terms of that clause.
Q:What is the minimum age group ?
No minimum age but the nature of the tour involves much walking and children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by an adult.
Q: Will you allow facilities and time for prayers?
Itineraries have been worked around prayer times and prayers will be observed in the mosques which also have facilities for women.
Q. Will rooms be mixed?
Unmarried brothers and sisters will not be mixed in the same hotel rooms.
Q. What Medical checks will I need ?
Please check with your Doctor with regards to any vaccinations, disease and malaria advice. Also medicines taken abroad must be consulted with your Doctor and you are advised to obtain your own travel insurance for health while travelling. Any further information consults your Doctor
or visit: www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk
Q. What is the UK Government Advice on travelling ?
Please visit and make your own judgement as we are not responsible for comments or advice by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/
Q. Will there be any discounts for group bookings ?
Depending on numbers, but we believe our packages are excellent value for money and unlike most tour operators, through our cultural exchanges we aim to add another dimension to our travel i.e. Spiritual solidarity of the Ummah.
If you could not find the answer of your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.